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Our Services


Small Claims and Debt Recovery


If a debtor fails to pay an outstanding account or a creditor violates your rights by

engaging in illegal debt collection tactics, the court system may be the best way to

protect your interests and bring an end to the abuse of your legal rights.


On January 1, 2010, the Province of Ontario increased the monetary limit of the Small

Claims Court from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00. Some examples are:


  • Arrears of Rent
  • Unpaid Accounts
  • Damage to Property
  • Failure to Repay a Loan
  • Breach of Contract
  • Recovery of Personal Property


If you are considering court action, you may feel scared, hopeless, and unsure of what you can do to put an end to the maltreatment. When a debtor fails to honour his/her promise of repayment or a creditor threatens to take legal action against you, it’s time to consult with us.


At Gomez Paralegal Services, we advocate on your behalf when situations leave you frightened or confused. Once engaged, we will represent you to ensure that your legal rights are protected. If negotiations fail, we will take legal measures to put an end to their abusive practices.


If you have been a victim of wrongful claims against you, you do not have to suffer . Contact our firm today and speak with a knowledgeable paralegal to find the best and most expeditious way to bring closure to this unwanted life experience.





Landlord & Tenant Board

Are you being evicted from your home? Is a tenant making claims against you that are

simply untrue? If you’re in the midst of a landlord/tenant dispute, Gomez Paralegal

Services can help.


Landlord and tenant disputes can quickly become cumbersome, expensive affairs.

At Gomez Paralegal Services, we’ll use our knowledge of landlord/tenant law to help

resolve your matter fairly and, if necessary, fight to ensure that you’re compensated

for any losses.


We represent tenants, landlords and property owners in disputes related to evictions, unpaid rents, security deposits, unlawful occupants and more. Protect yourself from the unscrupulous activities of a tenant or a landlord. Let Gomez Paralegal Services provide you with the aggressive representation you need to put the matter to rest once and for all. Call today to schedule your free consultation .



Ontario is one of the few jurisdictions where paralegals are independent legal professionals. This means that they can represent people in some types of criminal matters. Specifically, in summary conviction criminal offences, which are criminal offences where the maximum punishment is less than six months of imprisonment. Some common criminal charges of this sort are:


  • Domestic assault
  • Dangerous driving
  • Common assault
  • Fraud for under $5,000
  • Mischief for under $5,000
  • Shoplifting (for less than $5,000)
  • Possession of under 5mg of illicit substances
  • Being in a bawdy house


In your criminal defence, our paralegal’s primary goal would be to help you to

avoid a criminal record, since this can adversely impact your future employment

opportunities, travel ability, and other aspects of life.


Our aim is to find weaknesses and inconsistencies in the case against you. This helps us negotiate the best possible settlement and form the most effective criminal defence.

Provincial/Traffic Offences

The Ontario Court of Justice deals with matters generally prosecuted by the Ministry

of the Attorney General. The jurisdiction of this court includes but are not limited to the

following types of offences:


  • Highway Traffic Act;
  • Municipal By-Law;
  • Housing/Property;
  • Employment Standards;
  • Health and Safety; and
  • Liquor and Tobacco.


If you are facing prosecution and need the assistance of a legal professional to navigate

the daunting life changing impact of an adverse court decision, let us help.


Call us today for a free initial consultation and let us reduce the anxiety of prosecution.

Other Services


Some of our other services include but are not limited to:.


  • Commissioner of Otaths;
  • Drafting of Affidavits;
  • Process Service;
  • Name change Application;



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